Show Benefits to the Community

Posted on Jan 24, 2023 in Show Features

Show Supports the Community

The Saratoga Springs Rotary Club donates the show’s proceeds to local organizations, youth scholarships, and humanitarian aid. ┬áIn addition to periodic Major Gifts to local non-profit organizations, the Club makes smaller donations every year to a wide range of local organizations supporting youth recreation and education, food pantries and organizations that serve those in financial need, historical sites, and cultural activities.

As part of the Club’s continued dedication to helping local students pursue higher education, it now provides over $50,000 annually in scholarships to high school seniors who go on to pursue diverse studies. This work is done in conjunction with the Saratoga Springs Rotary Education Foundation, which raises funds for scholarship purposes.

The Saratoga Springs Rotary Club also assists from time to time with disaster relief efforts, reflecting its belief of being involved global citizens. It also supports the efforts of Rotary International, and, in particular, Rotary’s effort to eradicate polio.